World Invention Intellectual Property Associations (WIIPA) is a non-profit social organization, taking the whole world as the area of organization. The memberships are foreign inventors’ associations, schools and related organizations. Now WIIPA has 26 member countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States and Vietnam.


To improve the status of inventors at international levels, enhance mutual assistance and experience amongst inventors of the world, encourage creative thinking and the spirit of invention among national university hence to establish the WIIPA.


    The objectives of WIIPA are:
    • To encourage invention / creationdevelopment and protect the intellectual property of inventors or designers.
    • To promote and enhance the development and utilization of inventions and designs.
    • To secure cooperation and mutual assistance amongst international associations of inventors and designers.
    • To establish and carry on institutions of education, instruction or research and to provide for the experience of invention knowledge generally.
    • To promote cooperation amongst the associations of inventors, designers and persons who in different fields of interests and research work for invention, research and technology.
    • To improve the status of WIIPA inventors at international levels, and to promote cooperation between inventor associations worldwide.
    • Hold or assist in holding conferences, exhibitions, competitions and organize lectures for the purpose of promoting the objects of WIIPA.
    • To achieve the foregoing objectives with WIIPA members.


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