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Korea WICO

Date:2020/7/23 - 2020/7/25

Venue:Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention (SETEC), Korea

The 8 th World Invention Creativity Olympic(WICO) in 2020 will be held in Seoul, the capital of Korea. 


It is a scientific Olympics through communication and exchange, revealing creative and innovative new technology ideas to the world. It is also a global invention festival with more than 1,000 people from 20 countries participating. 


The event can express creative ideas, improve presentation and build a global network. In addition, the technology of the fourth industry can be jointly studied, and in enterprises, it can be a place of patent product trade in which the products can be promoted and the buyers consulted. 


We hope that the dream and passion of patent management experts to attract investment by dreaming of starting a business. I hope to see and participate in Korea Youth Invention Idea Contest (KYIC) and Asia LOHAS industrial competition that is held at the same time. 





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