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Indonesia IYIA

Date:2019/9/1 - 2019/9/1

Venue:Bali, Indonesia


IYIA (International Young Inventor’s Award)

In order to appreciate and promote young innovators around the world, who have dedicated themselves in making innovations, creations, and creativity, Indonesia will hold “International Young Inventors Award (IYIA)”.IYIA will be focused on exhibiting creative innovations from young innovators in the world. All participants can present their inventions in the form of sample, prototype, mock-up, and many others.

Indonesia, as the biggest maritime states with its various culture, ethnic, and racial, also additionally supported by the diversity of natural resources and the amount of human resources, gives such a real challenge to all young inventors in presenting and showing their innovations. Professional international judges and comprehensive evaluation system of all entries for competitions, and after a fair and credible selection process, outstanding exhibitions will be granted gold, silver, bronze and other special awards of honor.

International Young Inventors Award will be held in Jakarta, which is the capital city of Indonesia with more than 10 millions population Therefore, it can be predicted, during the event there will be more than 100.000 people attending IYIA. Besides that, in the first year of the exhibition, participation of inventors from more than 15 countries is expected, with exhibition of more than 350 entries from domestic and foreign exhibitors.


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