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The 7th Macao International Innovation and Invention Expo 2019

Date:2020/10/1 - 2020/10/31

Venue:Cotai Expo Hall D, The Venetian Macao


1. Purpose: To reinforce the guidelines of China’s thirteen five-year plan, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and The Belt and Road Initiative the expo is intended to develop the science knowledge of Macao and international teenagers and corporations as well as the advancement of science technology through the sharing of inventions. We will celebrate with the guests from all over the world to mark the special occasions of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China, the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Macao Special Administrative Region and the 15th Anniversary of the Founding of MIIA. 


2. The organizational units:

(1) Host: Macao Innovation and Invention Association (http://www.miiamacao.org/);

(2) Sponsoring party: Macao Special Administrative Region Science and Technology Development Fund;

(3) Technical guidance unit: China Association of Inventions;

(4) Co-organizers: World Invention Intellectual Property Associations, Hong Kong Invention Association, Hong Kong Federation of Invention and Innovation.  


3. Expo date: 10/10/2019 (Thursday) to 13/10/2019 (Sunday)


4. Expo venue: Cotai Expo Hall D, The Venetian Macao


5. Important agendas:

(1) 10/10/2019(Thursday) 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. decoration of exhibition.

(2) 11/10/2019 (Friday) to 12/10/2019 (Saturday) from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm, international judges examine on the exhibits and open to public.

(3) 11/10/2019(Friday) 17:00 p.m. The 7th Macao International Innovation and Invention Expo opening ceremony.

(4) 11/10/2019(Friday) 19:00 p.m. Welcome dinner (Location: The Venetian Ballroom, invitation only);

(5) 13/10/2019(Sunday) I.P. and Science popularization Seminar in the morning and open to public.

(6) 13/10/2019(Sunday) Dinner and award presentation held at the Grand Plaza Restaurant at 19:00 p.m. (7) 14/10/2019(Monday) Cultural Tour.


6. Eligibility:

(1) Individuals, enterprises and students can register for the competition;

(2) Submitting novelty, scientific and practical inventions completed in the past one year (after 1/1/ 2018); innovative, advanced and enlightening creative exhibits;

(3) Exhibits that have participated in and won awards of previous exhibitions MIIEX exhibitions are disqualified to take part (except those with obvious and distinct improvement);

(4) Food, medical, and scientific research papers are not accepted.


7. Exhibitors: inventors and inventions, Angel Funds, Patent Agents from the Mainland China, Macao and Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries, enterprises and individuals are welcome.


8. Contact information: You can send an email to miia_macao@yahoo.com.hk or call Ms. Ng, the secretary of the conference at +853 6233-1747. 


9. Jury awards the following prizes:

 (1) Innovative invention exhibits: gold, silver, bronze, will receive relevant medals and award certificates.

 (2) Excellent organizational unit: Awarded outstanding organizations of more than 9 exhibits Will grand Best Organizer Award.

 (3) Special Awards of the General Assembly: According to enterprises and individuals, they selected six special awards: International Environmental Protection Award, International Innovation Award, International Invention Award, Most Market Potential Award, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Awards and The Belt and Road Initiative Award. 


10. Exhibition booth, exhibition stand: 

(1) size of exhibition booth and exhibition stand: 

a). Exhibition booth area: 


b). Exhibition stand area: 

1m(length)×0.45m(width)×2.5m(height),height of stand o.75m(stand)


11. Charge and arrangement:

(1) Each 3 m ×2 m standard exhibition booth can put up 3 exhibits, if less than 3 exhibits exhibitors need to share with others and the cost of each exhibit is USD960. The exhibition stand is only available to students and can put up one exhibit only;

(2) Charges of each exhibit include cost of exhibition booth/exhibition stand (basic power, chair, spot light), evaluation fee, award certificate and medal (only for those having awarded), one ticket to attend the award ceremony hold on 13/10/2019 (Sunday) and ticket to the Cultural Tour held on 14/10/2019 (Monday);

(3) Ticket for award ceremony and Cultural Tour is affiliated with each exhibit, additional tickets need to be purchased;

(4) Ticket for award ceremony includes the shuttle bus service pick up from Cotai Expo Hall D to the Grand Plaza restaurant held at 6:30pm and the return trip to the hotel of Sands Group, Golden Crown China Hotel and Hac-Sa Youth Hostel after the banquet;

(5) Additional award ceremony ticket costs USD60 (Including the shuttle bus service listed at part 4);

(6) The award ceremony banquet is arranged in round table Chinese cuisine and need advance fix booking. Please confirm the tickets needed when submitting the enrollment forms;

(7) Vegetarian meals and Muslim meals should be remarked when enrolling, such service will not be added at the scene;

(8) Additional ticket for Cultural Tour costs USD40 each. Please register when enrolling, cannot amend anymore;

(9) Cultural Tour ticket includes the shuttle bus service, entrance fee of the sight- seeing spots, tour guide fee and lunch; (10) Each invention will be issued an award certificate. Additional certificate can be provided @costs USD20;

(11) There is only 1 medal for the gold, silver or bronze awarder additional medal @cost 40;

(12) They also have the opportunity to compete the highest honor award of International Environmental Award, International Innovation Award, International Invention Awards, Most Market Potential Awards, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Awards and The Belt and Road Initiative Awards;

(13) Additional award certificates and medals purchase can be registered after result announcement;

(14) No refund if any of the participants cannot attend the award ceremony dinner or cultural tour.


12. Format of showing boards of exhibition booth and exhibition stand:

(1) Size:90mm(w) x 120mm(h);

(2) Display board posting requirements: In order to avoid damage to the board, the conference will provide double-sided adhesive tape, please collect it from the on-site staff.


13. On-line register:

(1) The online registration will open on July 10th;

(2) Please on-line register under the line (http://register.miiex.org/Account/Login)before August 10th , for preliminary examination. The result of the preliminary examination takes up 50% of the total marks, while the rest of the 50% will be given by international judges on 11th and 12th Oct. (that will get rid the late enrollment);

(3) After determining the number of exhibits of the relevant units, the General Assembly shall provide registration for each group of passwords.


14. Official hotel accommodation: 

(1) Hotel of Sands Group: Special offer to all the exhibitors to accommodate at the relevant preferential prices will be announced at the end of July. Please pay attention to our website http://miiamacao.org/.

(2) Golden Crown China Hotel:


 a) Golden Crown China Hotel (telephone +853 28851166), opposite the Macau Airport (only 3 minutes’ walk, see attached photo), the preferential price is up to September 20 booking (because the number is limited, it will be in a first come first served basis), please contact Miss Yip. (please call +853 28851122. WeChat ID: lindy_397720635, EMAIL: 12859212182@qq.com).

b) Golden Crown China Hotel Rates: 

Thursday, October 10, USD88 per room

Friday, October 11, USD94 per room

Saturday, October 12, USD107 per room

Sunday, October 13, USD88 per room

Remark: Room rate is subject to change and availability offered by Hotel.

c) Shuttle bus: At the Macau airport opposite the hotel (3 minutes’ walk from the parking lot on the left side of the airport) There is a free shuttle bus between the Venetian and Macau airports (color in blue, see photo), every 15-20 minutes. The time to the Venetian Resort is 10 minutes and the shuttle bus runs from 10:00 to 22:30. 

d) Public bus: 

e) Taxi: There are taxi stands at each port.

(3) Hac-sa Youth Hostel:

a) In order to let international participants, enjoy gathering and exchange culture and innovative ideas with group activities, Miia book the Department of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau run Hac Sa Hostel. Which is government own public property, the residents must strictly abide to the regulations of the hostel and precautions in this chapter. In addition, near the hostel (see photo on the right), there are Hac-sa Park Restaurant +853 28882297 and Flange Restaurant +853 2888 2264, with an average consumption of Usd15-25 Per person;

b) Reservation Contact: Miss Ng, the secretary of the conference, Tel: +853 6233-1747, WeChat ID: 1441342930 / Email: 1441342930@qq.com; 

d) Transportation to and from the hostel: •

Charter bus will be arranged from the hostel to the Venetian Pavilion at around 9:30 am from October 11th to 13th (approximately 20 minutes by car), and by the Venetian Exhibition at 6:30 in the afternoon (excluding 13th) l;

• Other transportation: To the hostel, NO.15, NO.21A and NO.26A public buses to the Hyland Garden (Lanyuan) stop at the Jinshacheng Central Station on the coherent road (i.e. opposite the hostel); from the hostel to Venetian Resort can get off at Hyland Garden Station (at the hostel) by taking NO.15, NO.21A and NO.26A to Parisian Station;

• Macau Airport and Taipa Ferry Terminal: Take No.26 to Lubu Border Inspection Building (ie Lotus Port) and turn to NO.15, NO.21A or NO.26A to get off at Hailan Garden (Lanyuan) Station;

• Lotus Port: TakeNO.15, NO.21A or NO.26A to the Hailan Garden (Lanyuan) stop at the roadside inspection building;

• Outer Harbour Terminal (Hong Kong and Macau Ferry Terminal): Take 10A or 3A to the front of the Yamaha to turn to NO.21A to get off at Hailan Garden (Lanyuan) Station, or take the AP1 (Airport Line) to the airport to NO.26, to the road Take the NO.15, NO.21A or NO.26A to Hailan Garden (Lanyuan) Station and get off at the border inspection building;

• Macau Border Gate: Take AP1 to the airport and transfer to NO.26. To Taipa inspection Border Building and turn to NO.15, NO.21A or NO.26A to get off at Hailan Garden (Lanyuan) station; or take 25 to Venetian Resort and turn to NO.15, NO.21A or NO.26A and get off at Hailan Garden (Lanyuan) Station. Bus fare is mop6.- per ride. The 7th Macao International Innovation and Invention Expo 2019 Date 16-person room 4-person room 2-person room Thursday, October10 USD19 per bed USD22 per bed USD27 per bed Friday, October 11 USD19 per bed USD22 per bed USD27 per bed Saturday, October 12 USD22 per bed USD27 per bed USD33 per bed Sunday, October 13 USD19 per bed USD22 per bed USD27 per bed Hac-sa Park Restaurant Hac-sa Youth Hostel Jinshacheng Central Station 1

REMARK: • The hostel has three 16-person rooms, ten four-person large rooms and six double rooms (2 voluntary staff standby) [each room has a separate bathroom and toilet, kitchen (with 2 refrigerators in the room. Microwave ovens and rice cookers, air conditioners, TV sets and grills); • Hac-sa Youth Hostel Address: Road, Black Salon, Cape Kok Beach Road, Tel: (853) 2888 2701/2/3 Fax: (853) 2888 1112. 

f) Note:

• Apply online before August 10th (http://register.miiex.org/Account/Login); Fees per bed, the conference will arrange a simple takeaway breakfast to the occupants;

• The guest must keep the hostel clean;

• When leaving Youth Hostel on the last day, please remove the sheets and pillow bags and put them on the bed for the staff to clean;

• The Youth Hostel is open to the beach, and all teachers and students who participate in this activity are not allowed to swim in the sea, otherwise all consequences will be at their own risk;

• In principle, the three 16-person large rooms will be arranged for students to stay. Five of the four 4- person large rooms will be arranged for students or teachers to stay. The other four double rooms will be arranged for teachers to stay. The organizer will arrange the rooms according to the registration and reserve all rights to distribute them. The occupants may not object to such arrangement;

• Boys and girls will be concentrated in different rooms. Boys will not be allowed to enter the girls’ housing and the same principle applies to girls. All residents must strictly abide to the relevant regulations;

• All beds and homes are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

• If the above-mentioned hostels are temporarily requisitioned by the government, even if they have already booked and paid for, they will be subject to check-out. The conference will refund the fees and the residents may not object to such arrangement. 


15.Cultural Journey Itinerary:


• Due to the traffic arrangement, participants who do not stay in the Sands Group Hotel, Golden Crown China Hotel Lobby and Black Sand Youth Hostel need to gather at the lobby of Golden Crown China Hotel Lobby at the above-mentioned time, late comers will not be waited, 

• Sight-seeing spots may alter according to the organizer’s arrangement, participants cannot complain because of such arrangement. 


16. Transportation:

(1) Macau Border Gate (on the left-hand side of the exit gate), Macau Airport (on the right-hand side of the exit) and Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal (opposite the exit road) can take the free shuttle bus from the Venetian Hotel or take a taxi to Cotai Expo Hall D, The Venetian Macao. 


17. Lunch supply:

(1) The organizer will help order lunch boxes from 11/10/2018(Friday) to 13/10/2019 (Sunday). Each lunch box charges USD6, please register when submitting the enrollment form.

(2) There are also different restaurants in the Venetian Hotel for you to choose from

(3) Vegetarian meals and Muslim meals should be remarked when enrolling, such service will not be added at the scene. 


18. Food: 

(1) There is a large food court in the Venetian Resort; 

(2) The city of Taipa (not far from the Venetian Resort) is a Chinese and Western food paradise, just 15 minutes’ walk. 


19. Payment: 

(1) Please remit the relevant fees to the following accounts; Bank of China Macau Branch Account Name: Macau Innovation Invention Association; Account Number: 00180101207974131 SWIFT CODE: BKCHMOMX 

(2) After the payment, please send a receipt or remittance email to miia_macao@yahoo.com.hk; (3) Please pay before September 10, 2019. Any entries that do not pay on time will be disqualified. 


 20. Supplementary provision: 

(1) All the exhibits must be original design and do not infringe the copyright. Such legal consequence should be responsible by the offenders. Please provide copy of patent and power of attorney if the exhibitors are not patent holder;

(2) The decision of the host organizer is the final one and all the participants have no right to against it. Complaint is not acceptable and the host has the right to alter the regulations without prior notification. Any changes will comply with the final announcement of the host;

(3) The host organizer has the right to explain and alter the rules and regulations of this expo. In addition, the host has the power to use any pictures and videos of all the exhibits of the exhibition, participants cannot be against such policy; 

(4) In order to collect statistics for the conference, all exhibitors are requested to fill in the relevant information, including the number of booths to be rented, exhibits and hotel accommodations, and submit them to miia_macao@yahoo.com.hk before August 10;

(5) All the participating students, please purchase the personal accident insurance policy. 














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