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Malaysia IDRIS

Date:2019/4/1 - 2019/4/1

Venue:Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

The 2st Innovation Design & Research International Symposium 2019 (IDRIS 2019) will be held in April at Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.


IDRIS 2019 is the best platform for everyone to express ideas of innovation from various societal background around the world. This event engages all to establish networking among participants/ schools/ colleges/ institutions so that the perception of innovation can benefit amongst one another across the globe. IDRIS 2019 nurtures soft skills starting from early ages to ensure that youth innovators can enjoy its benefits.

IDRIS 2019 is to create an opportunity for young generations to enhance their potentials of innovating and knowledge-sharing in the interests of building up an exciting future to the next generations.


IDRIS 2019 is set with one goal in view: To Nurture and Diversify Innovation Culture to Modern Society. IDRIS 2019 works on this theme and strives to help divulge great ideas amongst society. The expectation of IDRIS 2019 is to envision the culture of innovation from all age ranges particularly from the fresh minds of youth and kids around the globe. While doing so, the organizer of the IDRIS 2019 will also be providing a platform for participants to draw out the talents in delivering ideas by means of presentations from all possible methods.


We are pleased to invite you and your organization to join the Exhibition IDRIS 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.






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