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IYIE 2014 Taiwan

Date:2014/1/21 - 2014/1/23

Venue:Far East University, Tainan, Taiwan



2014 International Youth Invention Exhibition


2014.01.21~23 TAIWAN•TAINAN






Guided by: Tainan City Government

Organizer: World Invention Intellectual Property Associations (WIIPA)

               Far East University

Co-organizer: Tainan City Government Tourism Bureau

                   Tainan City Invention Association

                   Innovation and Technology Service Foundation, Tainan (ITST)

                   Taiwan Invention Intellectual Property Association (TIIPA)

                   Taiwan Invention Products Promotion Association (TIPPA)





    To promote an international exchange of creativity by inspiring young people around the world to invent, nurture their creativity, and fully express their creative ideas, Taiwan will hold the "2014 International Youth Invention Exhibition".


    The focus of this exhibition is creative invention. Participants can demonstrate their creativity through sample models or other means. The exhibition combines the creative innovation of youth, international cultural exchanges and many sightseeing activities in the ancient capital, Tainan City, so that participants will enjoy a rich experience of intellectual pursuit and cultural exploration.





    Any creative products or ideas that can improve our lives or quality of life are suitable for the contest. The competition does not accept: poems, songs, short stories, painting, sculpture and other works of art, basic scientific research, basic research or observational reports about natural areas.


    This competition focuses on the concept of creative invention and on the diversity of creative expression among young people. The competition is divided into a preliminary and a final round. Entries for the preliminary round are submitted via the Internet. Entries for the final round will be presented by the participating team at the convention. Details are as follows:


1. Preliminary: Creative ideas can be presented through computer aided drawing or presented on A4 paper which can be freehand generated. All submissions should be transferred into a PDF computer image and mailed to the assigned email address below.  wiipa@wiipa.org.tw


2. Final:

(1) After a review of the entries submitted for the preliminary round, qualified work will be invited for participation in the final round.

(2) Finalists are required to display, explain and demonstrate their design, idea, creation or invention in person during the competition. Finalists may use graphics, posters, animation, real work, models, verbal descriptions, PPT slide presentations, video, etc to explain their submission.

(3) Work Model: We encourage creativity in the presentation of working models, but this is not necessary.





1. Students between 7 and 20 years of age from any country are eligible. (All participants must have been born between Sep. 1, 1993 to Sep. 1, 2006 and must be a primary school, junior or senior high school student.) Individuals or groups are welcome to participate but each group is limited to three members. And each submitted entry requires 1 to 2 instructors.


2. Participating groups

(1) Primary school group (including first grade to sixth grade)

(2) High school group (including junior and senior high school)

Note: All participants are required to note the category in which they wish to compete when filling out the entry form.





Primary school and high school groups are evaluated for Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals and Certificates respectively.





1. Registration: Please completely fill out the IYIE preliminary entry form per invention and mail it to the assigned email address below. wiipa@wiipa.org.tw

2. Preliminary Round: Before the deadline, participants could send the update preliminary entries to wiipa@wiipa.org.tw if any error in the entries.

3. Final Round: Finalists must attend the exhibition in person and be available to answer questions from the judges.

4. Final Round Location: Far East University, Tainan, Taiwan

5. Presentation of Awards: Day 2 on Jan. 22, 2014 at Far East University.



[ IMPORTANT DATES ]    Based on local time (Taipei) UTC/GMT +8





Registration and Preliminary Submission Start

Sep. 2, 2013, Monday

Registration and Preliminary Submission Deadline

Nov. 1, 2013, Friday

Preliminary Results

Nov. 28, 2013, Thursday

Final Confirmation Deadline

Dec. 19, 2013, Thursday

Final Layout

Jan. 20, 2014, Monday

Finals and Award Ceremony

Jan. 21 to Jan. 22, 2014

Welcome Evening Party and Cultural Exchange

Jan. 21, 2014, Tuesday

Tainan Cultural Tour

Jan. 23, 2014, Thursday






Contact: Miss Lori Fang

Phone: +886-2-7730-5848#12

Fax: +886-2-2654-8464

Mailing: 1F, No.20, Lane 81, Sec.6, Chung Hsiao E. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C)

           World Invention Intellectual Property Associations (WIIPA)

E - mail: wiipa@wiipa.org.tw

Website: www.wiipa.org.tw







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