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Sahasak Nimavum Sri Lanka International Invention Exhibition and Competition 2020

Date:2020/7/31 - 2020/8/2

Venue:Sri Lanka

" We are Sri Lanka Inventors Commission (SLIC)" Warmly invite you for the Sahasak Nimavum 2020 Sri Lanka International Invention Exhibition and Competition which will scheduled to be held on 31 st July,01 st and 2 nd of August 2020 at Colombo, Sri Lanka.


International and Local inventors will be participated for SN 2020 and the exhibition will be consisted of three phases which are Exhibition/Competition, Award Ceremony and Culture Tour (Only for foreign participants). The event is supported by the Sri Lanka government and more than 30 foreign countries’ inventors are expected for the event.


The exhibition/competition is conducted under five major categories. They are International category for International inventors and school category, university and tertiary educational institute category, open category and commercialize category for Local inventors.


The following technical fields are evaluated under each category and all forwarded detailed applications /inventions are evaluated under 14 technical fields and these fields are public safety, welfare and national defense, food technology, traditional medicine, physics, chemistry, medicine and pharmacy, public works and infrastructure engineering, information and communication technology, applied sciences and technology, environmental conservation, engineering, agriculture, energy and transportation.


The winners will be awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze and special award for best selected inventions under by the Sri Lanka Inventors Commission.


This will be a best event to display your inventions and innovations in a South Asian country and to generate new links with other foreign countries and commercializing opportunities.


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