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Taiwan KIDE

Date:2020/12/11 - 2020/12/13

Venue:International Convention Center Kaohsiung, Taiwan



Dear Sir/Madam,        

It is a great pleasure to send the sincere invitation of 2020 Kaohsiung International Invention and Design EXPO (KIDE) which will be held by World Invention Intellectual Property Associations (WIIPA) and Taiwan Invention Products Promotion Association (TIPPA) at International Convention Center Kaohsiung (ICCK), in Kaohsiung, Taiwan from December 11th to December 13th, 2020.


Kaohsiung is heading toward "green", "eco", "technology", "culture" and "natural" development. The city enjoys a year round sunny and pleasant climate. It also has successfully utilized its rich history and culture, mountain and ocean resources, and developed them into veritable tourist attractions. As one of the most important transport hubs in Southeast Asia, the public transportation network in Kaohsiung is excellent, with a well-developed three-dimensional transportation network rendering sea, air, and land transport.


This international event is the first exhibition which combines “Invention”, “Design” and “International Conference”. The participants from more than 20 countries with more than 500 entries are expected. We look forward to having you with us in KIDE. Should you have any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us by Email: wiipa@wiipa.org.tw or Tel: +886-277305848#12.








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