World Invention Intellectual Property Associations

A non-profit global organization. In 2010, it was founded by Mr. Hsieh Hsin-Ming. For a decade, WIIPA has been using Taiwan as the its headquarter.
At the moment, 50 member countries and partners have joined the "WIIPA Family" with the goal of promoting invention, innovation and intellectual property rights around the globe.
Promoting cooperation between associations, inventors and enterprises of various countries. Inspiring creativity and innovation of potential inventors both local and international. Meanwhile, strengthening the global application development in the field of intellectual property rights

Provide consulting and services for members, teaching units and inventors in various countries in the fields of global invention, communication, patent / intellectual property transactions, etc.
Provide members with opportunities to participate in seminars, exhibitions, and domestic and foreign practical training.
Promote mutual visits and exchanges among invention organizations, inventors, and manufacturers, connect multilateral relations, and raise the level of global innovation and invention.
Inspire the global culture of innovation and invention, and protect creations in the field of intellectual property.
Establish education research and development centers, international forums, lectures, conferences, etc.